Friday, August 22, 2008

at times,

it seems the whole world knows what i'm after. u guys may not get it but i do. and thats just alright.

haven't been updating since forever, no motivation ler.
but its 7am, and i'm awake. prom is in 12 hours. but who gives a shyt =p

been hanging out with my old high school friends as of late. they're cool. bringing back old skooooool memories.
all the funny and daring stuff that we used to do when we were young. not afraid to die, or get beaten up. lol.

so whats new?
i got myself my first piece of tattoo. my name.
i got myself a new phone. K810i.
i got myself new shoes. nike.
i went to genting recently for an event, all the proceeds went to china to fund the school children and people affected by the earth quake.
i got my car new headlights. angel eyes.
i've been spending alot.

will update pics later. lazy as usual. cyassss.

Monday, July 21, 2008

my fighter friend


i go way back with this bro. since high school, he introduced himself to me n before u know it, we became bruders.

this fella serious wan, really brother for life. even now we've taken our own roads, when i meet this guy i can still share my heart out.

i know it sounds baaaaaaaad, but what i mean is i can really trust this gay 100%. oops...i mean guy. :D

went to IACT together after spm but shortly after he left to HELP. since then he very happening, then no time to mix with me. but nvm la, he call me i still come out wan.

on the contrary, he claims that its my fault cos i dont have time to call him out.
but hey, this is my blog, i can say ANYTHING i want! WAKAKAKAKAK!
k la sorry don whack me...

hes gona be my future instructor, gym instructor.
yes, i haven ask him yet, but i know he wil do it.
cos hes a real BRUDER to me!

anyway, i've watch this guy grow up.
from high school kids doing whatever good or bad things to what we see now as a productive young man waiting to take the working industry by storm.

smasher is courageous, determined, truthful, faithful, gay, understanding and extremely STRONG!
although sometimes his patience is abit low, but hes improved alot compared to last time.

we've been through alot together. you, kah heng and myself.
but all good things must come to an end, im sorry but i have to break up with u. hahaha.

mauricious u must take care of him ok. =p

i bet u guys are wondering who is this person i'm talking about.
hes none other than...

my sexy brother, yan wei.
just look how strong he is, he probably broke the toothbrush...

High school graduation ceremony @ University Malaya.

see how much i love u or not??? =p

been a long time

wow haven't updated for awhile. i've been kinda busy. sleeping.

anyways heres another huge update!

just got back from Melaka last night.
with kh, yap, darren, darrens sister and their awesome church friends!

they were all so friendly and filled the trip with so much fun!

we had chicken rice balls. (didnt get a picture of that, damn!)

super nice cendols. smudged with gula melaka, but it wasn't sweet as hell.
their gula melaka is very aromatic.

walked down jonker street and saw this signboard.
dam good advertising lol.

random picture. background of jonker street.

after walking we went for satay babi.
check out how many sticks we ate!
each stack has 10 sticks. LOL i think we were the babis there =p

more walking around in the Melaka mall. quite happening.
this is a fountain like thingy they had in there.

we had dinner by the seaside at the portuguese settlement.
dining with a view! spectacular!

at night, we went back to jonker street.

its a street filled with restaurants in the day n a huge pasar malam at night!

with live performances by old old uncles.
any1 who wana sing can pay money n go up there lol.

this is the walkway of sum Tea House they hav at jonker street, very beautiful.

we left after having another cendol and some pasar malam snacks.
we got in and out of melaka pretty fast though...

this was how fast it was =p


friday, july 11, 2008

as u all know, it was my bday and my friends conveniently decided not to call me or ajak me to go out lol.

instead they surprised me the next day.

this was how it was:

kah heng asked me to go for lunch at kayu ss2, along with denise and jae shen.
while i was eating halfway auntie Mila suddenly called me and asked me to come home quickly. apparently, there was something wrong.

gosh, at that point i thought someone entered the house and held her hostage HAHA!
bcos she sounded very weird over the phone.

so i flew home and rushed in, then she said she wasn't feeling well. i kena zha dou kao kao man.

then i walked up to my room. the moment i opened the door. my friends were in my room and shocked the shit out of me. it was all a set up la, they pakat wif my dad, mom and mila wei.

dam sweet, they blew 100 balloons for me. and even forced me to jump on it, not once but TWICE! heres the video!

and a picture of what they made me wear...
sum hairband thingy and hair clips they bought LOL!
p/s: thats not my finger -_-

so after that, we went for dinner @ Yuen Steamboat in Sunway.
another surprise there, bcos more people showed up aswell.
all my brothers n sisters.

darren and joo picking up their food! i'm waiting for them to feed me!

benyap, vivien and yew jin busy eating already!

yew jin showing his prawn skills. hes the smartest of all that night!
cos he keep whacking the tiger prawns, the most expensive thing there.

see what i mean? crazy animal! HAHAH!

howard :), jae shen and denise. after eating their icecream, all bloated up dy gua.

darren, jordhat n joo.

wowow look at that, we're all ANIMALS! yeah!

third surprise of the day, they bought me a cake!

kok hoong and kevin was there too, but didn't get a picture of them. its all in viviens camera.
i love u kok hoong & kevin =p

sigh i love my friends. i was speechless the whole day.
speechless until it made them think that i was emo bcos they didnt call me the day before. lol.

but its actually bcos the whole day i kept thinking of what they did for me...
seriously la how to find friends like them?

oh well, nice guys have awesome friends i guess. like me! =p

anyways, after a fulfilling dinner, we decided it wasn't enuf.
then all settled to go genting where ben and monica joined us!

monica, ben, joo, jordhat, me, kokhoong and benyap in front!

a solo picture in genting lol.

jordhat, myself and kok hoong. (i don't even know what i was pointing at =p)

my brother, darren...making stupid faces. i look constipated...shit!

oh btw have i told u guys that denise is very lousy in taking pictures.
dono how many times we tried la!

heres a sample of her work.

she didn't even get half of herself in. SIGH!

no choice la, hav to ask jae shen help then only can =p
denise dam lousy wei!

enjoying starbucks green tea frappucino. lol.


wednesday, july 9, 2008

anyway these are the pictures from before! where we went to Wong Kok SS2 on my b'day!

i love howard n ben looks like hes smelled some shyt!

this is the oversized giant up of tea that we got free from Wong Kok!
struggling to finish it man.

bruders, from L to R: kh, aru, joo, ben, howard, myself n darren!

my birthday presents!

once more, i really love u guys.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

but today is a gift

its my bday. happy birthday to me! lol.

last night went for dinner at Williams Corner, ate the seafood Spaghetti...den bought sum chips and few friends came over to my place to watch sum movies. was very fun!

today woke up at 4:30pm. damn late i know...enjoying mar~

anyways 6:30 went to SS2 Wong Kok Char Chan Teng for dinner wif joo, howard, kh, darren, aru, ben n monica. makan puas puas ler. then got a birthday gift from Wong Kok, a giant cup of teh ais. its HUGE and FREE!! i'll post up the pic later =p

after tat went to Bangsar to meet up wif azat and iylia, also known as my close high school friends. had a nice time talking about old days when we were young.

also, they're gona help me set up my new PC!
tomrorow going Low Yatt to buy the PC parts n fix them up. wow. excited cos they said its gona be a super computer...can't wait! juz hope i can wake up in the morning. hahaha.

later probably goin yumcha again lo wif kh, alfred, howard, darren n yew jin...

update the pics tomorrow. now happy jor...and lazy. play RO2 first. bye take care! =p

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

tomorrow is a mystery

life is getting boring. currently graduated, unemployed and quite lifeless la.
my eveyday routine revolves around yumcha, takei, futsal (once a week), snooker (which i don go), movies (watched hancock twice wei).

but me, kh n howard found something new to do. we gona go gym man. and buff ourselves up. then whack each other until pao kong. hehehehehehe.
hopefully it will last, cos i had alot of frens go for few months then lazy dy.

anyways, my mom bought herself a massage chair from Gintel, pretty good shyttttttt. come wif mp3 player, usb and sum super headphones. after futsal today i bathe then went on it for 15 relaxing and big (and expensive). i took pictures of it but i'm abit lazy to transfer it to the laptop. hahahaha.

juz got back from asia cafe, wif my beloved kh, bruder alfred and naughty boy howard.
i think alfred pretty disappointed la, he wana go tung por geh but howard don wan...den howard wana drink, but we don wan.
kh wana go home play game n i wana go home watch bleach. alfred go home watch discovery channel gua. so end up howard call his frens to drink wif him. hahaha noob. (howard sure diu me cos i make it sound like his fault)

on the other hand, i no moneyyyyyyy weiii!!!!!!

but we already made plans to go redang and bangkok. nid to go rob bank dy. or whack sum innocent passer by on the street n pao his cash. hmm...

oh ya, my brothers putra kena bang this morning. so i did a little CSI wif my mom juz now n found out tat its probably my neighbour. noob wei, bang already don dare to admit. sigh. if me means...wont even bang la =p

so tats all, not muc of an update but i still try la ok.
now its time for me to watch bleach so u guys take care. happy holidays to joo & gang.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

yesterday was history

waaaaaaahaa time to update...
yes belle im sure you are happy.

anyway lets start wif the langkawi trip!


monday to thursday, june 23rd to 26th, 2008

at LCCT wif my gay fren. our flight got delayed.

Pantai Cenang on a rainy morning. (where we stayed)

we came back at night where jin caught darrens long lost pet.

he even forced me to take a picture wif it. (scary wei)

darren couldn't resist taking one too.

kevin fell in love with the crab shortly after and decided he needed this pic.

p/s: tis crab is scared of him bcos he killed 2 crabs b4 this.

pinky jus thought it was happening to hold a crab, so we took this =p

after sum crab catching, drinking, singing and running around the beach.
we decided to stay up for sunrise

...but we waited on the wrong side

by the time we went to the other side, the sun had already come out. noobs...

nvm...screw the sunrise
hot coffee on a cold rainy morning was better.

an ugly pic right after we juz woke up.

this is the 7 seater ferrari that we used to go around langkawi.

bathing 'kampung' style.1 pipe n 5 guys
...lets jus say its worth the experience la

2nd night of drinking, Dewars 12, darrens favourite drink.
makes him go pipi popo!

went bak inside the room n decided to hug.
my face was squished, i probably got thinner...

time to go back...these were the stuff we bought.


saturday, june 28th, 2008

Convocation/Graduation from IACT.

it was a fun but kinda sad day getting to see all our lecturers and all. seeing friends that you've been working with for the past 2 and a half years.

but this is the time we all walk our own path.

good luck weiii IAA59, 61 & 62!

pastor josh wif his parents.

after convo, i went to a car accessory shop to add spotlights.
kh said it would look nicer. so i thought n thought n thought...

end up we both got the spotlights for our cars. kinda kena psycho la...

the guy doin my car. waited very long.

finally reached home at night, looks pretty ok to me, but abit lala.

but it looks superb when its on. thanks wei kh.

tat very same night my IACT classmates met up for a yumcha session.

after tat straight shoot to Shah Alam, cos it was my gay friends 21st birthday party.

yes, and again...

as expected laaa, drink again...
and according to kh, when im abit high i like to take pictures.

so heres one for u guys.

how i feel right now was exactly how i felt in tat pic...
super sleepy n pei pei dei.

as kh always says,"this is the best time to sleep wei"

i agree. so goodnight!